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Are You Apprentice Ready?

  • Good Work Ethic.

    • Shows up everyday, on time, for work and school-no excuses!

    • Works hard at a steady pace.

  • Positive Attitude

    • Listens and learns on the job and in school.

    • Works with others as a team to build the project. You need to be able to work with everyone on the crew, whether you like them or not.

    • Follows directions of crew leaders regardless of the manner in which they are given.

  • Aptitude for the trade/occupation and some work history-paid or unpaid

    • Has some experience doing construction, production, or other comparable work or transferable skills.

    • Has proven potential to be a good worker. Any continuous employment or training with a good attendance record can indicate this, even if not related to the trade/occupation.

  • Necessary physical condition.

    • Electrical work requires both physical strength and endurance.

    • Must be able to work in a physically demanding environment for extended periods of time in all weather conditions.

    • Can work at heights and in enclosed areas.

    • Is very safety conscious in all work.

  • Drug free

    • You will be required to take random substance abuse tests.

  • Valid state driver's license

    • Has reliable transportation.

    • Willing to drive to where the work is, which may be some distance.

  • Good basic algebra skills.

    • Electricians use math in most aspects of the job.

  • Hand tool knowledge

    • Good basic knowledge of hand tools and how to use them safely.

  • Meets minimum requirements to apply

A Good Candidate For An Apprenticeship Has The Following Qualities:

To qualify for an oral interview applicants must meet the following requirements*:

1. Complete an application form, accurately responding to all questions and items.

2.  Be a minimum of 17 years of age at the time of application.

3.  Be at least a high school graduate, or have a GED, or have a two-year Associate Degree or higher.

4.  Show successful completion of; one full year of high school algebra with passing grade, or one post high school algebra course with a passing grade or provide evidence of having successfully completed the NJATC Math Course.

5. Provide official transcript(s) for high school and any post high school education and training.  All GED records must be submitted if applicable.

6. Possess a valid driver's license.

7.  Submit a DD-214 to verify military training and/or experience if you are a veteran and wish to receive consideration for such training/experience.

*Individuals who can verify (by providing indisputable documenting evidence) that they have worked a minimum of 4000 hours specifically in the electrical trade, will automatically qualify for an oral interview by The Hutchinson Electrical Training Academy without having to meet the above requirements. 

Minimum Requirements 

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